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One of the reason why Italy is still the best place on Earth:-)
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Save the date : March 2nd - 2013 - LIMA - Peru.... More info soon;-))
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Ready for Gallery@VOX???
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COLOMBIA here we come!!!....MedellinStyle over the top!
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Weekend Club in BERLIN was awesome!!!...First step done.. Now I'm trying to take my flight to super late and super wasted! Show me some love and help me:-))....fingers crossed
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Welcome to Palermo!! Thank u my Sicilian friends!! Let's start rollin':-))
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See u in a few hours girls and boys...:-))
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We're going to COCORICO'...what about you?? Come with these bad boys!
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Thanx to all the people driving to Jesolo and come down the club even with a lot of snow...we made a hell of party!! Let's go to Madrid now: UP Club tonight:-)
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Good Vibes in Utrecht:-)) Gettin' ready for da club!
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Thank u Blerina and Mary Vi!!! Love u sweethearts...We are Cocoricó!!
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Setting time... w/ Dino "Pasta Boys" Angioletti
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Setting time... w/ Dino "Pasta Boys" Angioletti
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Back to my foggy countryside...hello mum! Deeper and deeper...gettin' ready for tonight...into the dark!
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Kind of analog I don't really like!
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Dark Shadows after the weekend....They are close
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Amazing sky in Berlin... Thanks to all the people upstairs at Weekend club...I had a great time with u brotha sista:-) See u next time!!
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Hello Sunshine!... It's a perfect day to go to Riccione and wait for a Planetary Assault System + F.Maurizi invasion...PIRAMIDE is ready for aliens...Are u ready?
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Riccione....winter season Ready for PIRAMIDE
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Well.....The Pickle family in Miami and reSolute in the church (NYC) were something really to remember...Thanx to all the amazing people I met on the road..and thanx to Avatism, my perfect team mate;-)...really looking forward to come back soon!!
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Dinner on the seaside of Napoli and then Dolcevita Salerno!!!....What Else?
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I.Boat yesterday was amazing!.. Great vibe and new friends down one of the most interesting project in France...Hope to come back really soon Bordeaux !!! Thank u:-))
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9 o'clock in the morning...In a few minutes I'm gonna play at the after party of the Amnesia Festival in A Coruna...Seems not too bad for a perfect morning set:-)...Super EXCITED!!!!!!....Let's goooo!'
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"Notte per l'Emilia"!! How many people we are???? Thank uuuuu!!!
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English lesson N.1: The cat is on the table
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Home sweet Home...:-) BOLO State of Mind
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Home sweet Home...:-) BOLO State of Mind
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Ibiza crazynesssssss!!!
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NIZZA from the beach...the party is ON!!
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Deeper in Bulgaria...Plovdiv tonight:-)) Amazing town so far
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Guess where I'm gonna play tonight??
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Arrivederci beautiful TRIESTE:-) Was such a special night yesterday...
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9 o' clock in the morning....still playing:-) Blend tonight: -Legendary- Thank u Athens!!!Love U
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After some relaxing days with my boss...I'm back on track! Harry Klein Munich tonight- Cocoricó on saturday- Rebus on sunday...on and on and on!!
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La neve nn ci ferma!!!... We are COCORICO'
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Packaging everything for a wild South American Tour!!!... Leaving tomorrow morning:-) First step: Waterfalls Festival- LIMA
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And finally some seriuos surf in my favourite country: Costarica Pura Vida!!!!!
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Into the wild...Colombia
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Sunset session in Santa Teresa I couldn't ask for more... Pura Vida..
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Medellín we are to party!! And you ???? Ven rapido!!!!
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Sky over Modena... Barn@Warehouse tonight! Me and Idriss for a whole Memento showcase!
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BAXTER was the super bomb!! Here's an highlight pic with the fantastic driver:-))
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Visa arrived!!.. Heading MOSCOW now, playing at Monasterio tonight: a brand new club, first in the world with a full Void Incubus installed...mmmm..I'm hungry!
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Nothing compares to you....
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Casa dolce Casa...
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On the way to Parisssss!! REX Club tonight- Memento showcase Come to dance with us;-)
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Muzik Village was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! Great vibe, awesome sound system, beautiful people...I couldn't ask for more! Go Sicily:-)))
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On the road again!... Bruxelles tonight- Moxa 7 hours set tomorrow in Mantova- and the magic WYS@FABRIC in London on Sunday....Boombastic:-))
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Ready for M-O-X-A!!!
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Ready for BELLACIAO il buongiorno si vede dal mattino...:-))
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Dire che nn vedo l'ora è riduttivo...Stasera BELLACIAO!!
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Yessss...It's weekend again: tomorrow night Arena in Mendrisio-Switzerland!!! Will be pure F-U-N;-)))
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Saturday the date!!! Finally back to my beloved town...LINK- BOLOGNA!!
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Berlino:...done:-) Ora in partenza per lo Space Dance macchinata promette bene:-)
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La pioggia nn ci ferma!! La Terrazza al coperto è ancora più bella e si vede tutta Verona!! Venghino siori venghino...:-)
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MOXA Terrace Roof party@ Crown Plaza Hotel/Verona in a few hours!! Dai cazzo!! All'ammerigana:-))
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After an amazing dinner on the sea...we are ready for Public@Divinae Follie!!! Carichi a 1000!!!
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Ready for Barcelona!!..Let's Go:-)
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Brutti brutti...direzione Aquaroom! Happy Birthday Ricky Tag!!!
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All ready for another Paranoic experience tonight!! New amazing location:LOFT 16! Same crazy vibe...;-)
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WE ARE 30.000!!!!...Thank u so much for all your love and support along the years! Here's a little present, I never released this track even if was really demanded at that time... FABRIZIO MAURIZI - INSERT COIN - FREE DOWNLOAD HERE:
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Even if we are not obsessed by charts....We are really happy the Okain's track "Red Alert" on Memento rec. is climbing the Beatport tech house chart and it's now n. 10!...Well done Samuel Okn:-))
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Ready for GUENDALINA!!! Che te lo dico affà...:-))
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W/ my favorite band: The Hangovers Those bad boys are killing!! #BoloStateOfMind
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Just finished my set @ La Playa beach Club...first of four steps done:-).... Now heading to Barcelona!
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Chiringuito Calamar tonight!!!!...Vamosss BARCELONA!
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Red's Up Peschici tonight!!! Can't wait :-))))
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Direzione Zanzibarrrrrr!!!! Dino alla guida ed io "grande" fotografo come potete vedere:-)
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Hello Benidorm!!!
Photo 76 of now:-)))
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Stasera il party lo facciamo qui:!!! Verona stay tuned;-))
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Finally back to RIVIERA GANG tonight... Alassio- Le Vele! Mi siete mancati da morire ragazzacci:-)))
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Saturday Ushuaia!!! I will play B2B with my bro Andrea Oliva!!! I C-A-N' T WAIT!!
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Today is the day!!!! ANTS - USHUAIA Here's the timetable 13: Los Soruba 15: Jean Claude Ades 16.30: Mirko Loko 18: Uner 20: Reboot 22: Andrea Oliva B2B Fabrizio Maurizi
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Good memories of United Ants@USHUAIA...was a great B2B with my bad boy Andrea Oliva...;-)))
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Tomorrow.... LINK - BOLOGNA!!!!! C'mon Bolo!
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Ready for LINK tonight!!
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Ready And Polleggiadry for Sali e Tabacchi.....are u join us?
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Well shaped and perfectly ready for tonight...heading to Autumn Festival - Itzela....Vamos Pais Basco!!!
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On my way to PARIS!!...really happy for tonight..I'm gonna play@ L'Echapèe Belle together w/ Seb Zito-Rossko-East And Dubs...get ready!
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Back to BOLGIA saturday!...ready for a proper techno session;-))
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Take Off@Q21 was like this...:-))
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It's always a great feeling package everything for a tour... USA here I come!!! Doka Amsterdam tonight and then: 7/12- Flash-Washington DC 8/12- Output- Brooklin 12/12- Treehouse- Miami 13/12- Primary- Chicago 14/12- DC 310- Mexico City
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Hello Washington!! See u in a few hours@FLASH! Cannot wait:-))
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NYC!!!!!! Couldn't be more excited:-))
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Empire State of Mind view... Breathtaking
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Bye Bye NY...I'm gonna missing you so much.. And Hello MIAMI!!! Treehouse tonight;-)) Yeppaaaa!
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Good Morning Chicago:-))
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Primary Chicago in a few hours!!
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Enjoying the last few hours in the Sunny MIAMI;-) Treehouse yesterday was amazing...what a club!!thank u Next stop: Chicago
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Back home right now;-) Wow...what a wonderful american tour!! THANK U to all the promoters, clubbers, old and new friends I met on the road! See u soon folks:-)
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R&BUS opening party: new location----same vibe It was fantastic!!!
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Home Sweet Home
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Happy Easter to all of you folks! See u in Nice tonight:-))
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After a long time I'm finally back to Cocoricó tonight Resolute mode: ON
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Countdown Athens... Go Blenders!!
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Happy NY to all of you dear friends! It was an amazing 2013 for me;-) Thanx to all the people around the world came down in every single club to dance with me! Have an amazing start of the year...and for my greek friends in Athens: see u later for a powerful Blend experience;-)
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Some great memories of NYE in Athens. BLEND know how to do it;-))
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From Berlin to Lecce:-) We are Heroes@Living tonight!
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Altavoz was unbelievable!! Sooooo good! Thank u:-))
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Tonight Bolo Rulez: Gas-Matteo Vanti-Roger@FRAME!! E qui scatta un C'MON olimpionico:-)
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Dino Angioletti in da houseee!
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Welcome baby!!
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New home in progress:)))
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Ready for tonight! Cocorico@99 oh yessssss;-))
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Friday 24/1…VR33…Hasta La Baldoria!
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Crazy studio session with Dino Angioletti and the new baby just arrived....:-)) Full energy!
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Gavrilovic in da houseeee!!!
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I'm finally back to the lovely Sicily:-)) Officine 83 Catania tonight!!
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Thanx Catania!!! Officine 83 was sssssuper nice!!
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Can't wait for tomorrow!! Serial Week in Malaga! Tengo ganas de fiestaaaaa:-)
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BERLIN here I comeeeee....:-) See u tonight@ Ritterbutzke!!
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Friday back to BERLIN!
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Last Sunday@REBUS--- Closing party today!!
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QLOOM Mantova today!!...Let's celebrate together all day and night INDAWOOD;-))
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Really excited for tonight! I'm back to PUBLIC for an amazing closing party:-))
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PUBLIC was amazing!! Thank u:-)
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Soundcheck...Ready for PUBLIC!!!
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Ready for FRAME:-))
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Can't wait for the KLANG closing party tonight!! KLANG family rulez:-)
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Arrivo un po' tardi perché riprendersi è stata dura ma.... Yesterday Ricreazione@Cavaticcio was a-m-a-z-i-n-g!! Thank u girls and boys for the awesome vibe and atmosphere! Bassa Clan bless you
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Ahahhahahah!!.... Sono meglio a basket visto il mio 46 di grazie mille per la convocazione! Brasile stiamo arrivando:-) LOL
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Can't wait for Madre Terra!! Domenica- Sunday-Domingo:-)
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Macchinate importanti verso "Madre Terra"...Here we gooo!!
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Dopo un Madre Terra fantastico ieri...facciamo la valigia, dischetti pronti ---LAB 80 Agrigento in a few hours!!
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Gubbio-Assisi San Francesco's road....
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Arrivo ad Assisi! Pellegrinaggio finito:-)
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WATERGATE Berlin tomorrow!
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Manca pochissimo.... Sicily on fire!!!
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On my way to BERLIN....Watergate tonight!
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Started at 12 pm and finished now...8 hours dj set! Berlin is always Berlin.. THANK U WATERGATE!!
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Proud to be Pride--- Bologna Pride save the date!!
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I'm so excited for this magic night....Sicily I'm back!! Can't wait for UNLOCKED!!
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Some memories of last night....!
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Zanzibar was the bomb!!! Now ready for the Official Pride Party...I start at 3.30 C'mon Bolo!!
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Ready for a very long day and night!! First stop: Zanzibar Beach-- 2nd stop : Official Bologna Pride Party--Estragon--Parco Nord--- Excited!!!
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Back in LONDON tomorrow! Big Fish - Club Aquarium Can't wait!!
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Can't wait for Sunday! Moxa family pool party;-)) Oh yesssss!
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Sciaoooo Milanoooo.. Tonight!!!
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Finalmente a casa.... Castellammare State of Mind:-))
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Today is the Day!!...On my way to Sicily--Unlocked Paradise Festival-- Dischi sopratutto zainetto per l'after:-))
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Unlocked Paradise is like this:
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DiBeat was the super bomb!!!! And now...we're about to start the after party in this amazing place... Life is beautiful and Calabria rockssss:-))
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Catanzaro tonight!!!
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ZANZIBAR beach today! Marina stiamo arrivando:-))
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Can't wait for friday! Armonie-Tiberio Club Finally back to one of my fav crew: Rehab+Belli Freski Yessss please!!
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E domenica dopo tanto tempo si torna al CLASSIC!!!! Buongiorno:-)
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Another magic place in our beloved Italy....Sperlonga gettin' ready!
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Train to Rome...and then Sperlonga... ARMONIE here we goooo!
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ARMONIE was a-m-a-z-i-n-g!! Now let's enjoy the after party:-)
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Sono in ottime mani....:-))
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Villa delle Rose Bolo State of Mind...Malvagio Corp docet
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Some great memories of ARMONIE....
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And tomorrow....The one and the only ALTAVOZ!
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KATHAKLISMA today...buon ferragosto!! First step: Lignano Sabbiadoro
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Today is the Day: DOK BOAT party...Gallipoli here we are!!!
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Stai senza penzieri...:))
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Welcome to GOA!!!
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GALLERY strepitosooooo!!! Grazie a tutti è stato fantastico
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First Flight....done:-) Ah yeah!
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Revolve Boat Party - Lugano Lake!!! See u in a few hours:-))
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BASSA CLAN @ RED ZONE ----------Saturday------------ Oooohhhh yes!!
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On my way to....ATHENS! BLEND family tonight:-)))
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Be ready for this one.... GUENDALINA!!
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Endless Summer....sabato ultima notte in Arena!! -GUENDALINA State of Mind- See u on the dancefloor!!
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Davvero felice di riabbracciare tanti vecchi buoni amici...!! 20 sett>>Pleasureland>> Pala De Andrè>>Ravenna
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Saturday 20 september ---- Bassa Clan première---- ELEVA FESTIVAL---- Ohhh yesssss!!
Photo 183 of
Really looking forward to this one!!: WetYourSelf>>5 October>> London>>
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SIMPLE opening party tonight!! Carichissimo---->>>>>>>>>>>
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SIMPLE was SIMPLY amazing!!! Thanx so much!! on the way to Bolo>> Wake Up>>After Party
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Surf session before the gig with Alain & Julien:-)) Esta noche fieston en PAGOA!!!
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...and looking forward to Sunday>>> I'm finally back to the wonderful WetYourSelf!!>>> w/bad boys Cormac-Jacob-Peter>>> Yessssir!
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Tomorrow...Pais Basco!!! Pagoa Bday>>>Can't wait>> ....with surf session included!!
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GALLERY@VOX - saturday Opening Party Carichi come se nn ci fosse un domani>>>
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Super excited about tomorrow! BLEND Athens@The Apartment Definetely one of my favorite crew and party around the world...Can't wait!!!!!
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On my way to...Hungary! BUDAPEST tonight>>>>> Bad Girls@DTD club Can't wait!!!
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Good Morning Budapest:-) DTD yesterday was a blast!! Superfun....Thank uuuu!
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Halloween is gettin' closer.... Tutti al LINK!!!!!!
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Bassa Clan 001 is on the way... Only Vinyl...Hand Stamped from our to your heart-))
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Sciao Milanoooo!!! A stasera!!!
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KLANG family tonight!!! One of the finest club in the country:-)) Can't wait!!
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Little queue at the airport....WTF!!
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STUTTGART tomorrow!! DEEPER@Kowalski Can't wait;-)))
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Noi ci siamo....carichissimi!! Ballare la domenica nn ha prezzo:-) ESSAOUIRA here we are! RIVIERA GANG rulez
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E oggi finalmente si torna da quei ragazzacci monelli della RIVIERA GANG CREW!!
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Tomorrow QLOOM - Mantova!!!!
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Really excited about the NYE party in Catania!! Amazing line up...I will play alongside two of my fav artist like Ben Ufo and Chevel Can't wait!!!!!
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Apricena (FG) tonight!!!
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Natale è solo DOK SHOW!!!!! A stasera:-)))
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-1 !!!!!
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The worst picture ever...I know... But me, Ben Ufo And Chevel are ready to rock the 2015 here at ZO Catania:-)) Happy New Year Folks!!!
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Catania here we goooooo!!
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|no|hype was fucking A-M-A-Z-I-N-G...!!!! One of the best club so far.. THANK UUUU!!!
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E stasera finalmente si torna allo STARDUST!!! Can't wait!!:-))
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On my way to....LYON LOGO Club tonight!!
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Here we are:-))
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Prontissimi per A-L-T-A-V-O-Z
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Today is ALTAVOZ day!
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Some memories of last night at WAREHOUSE...amazing time!!
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On my way to....London!! DAMAGED in a few hours! Together w/ Sam Bangura Georgio Oniani and Matteo Manzini Really looking forward to it!
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Friday M&M @Sinatra Ferrara!!! Can't wait!!!!
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Riders on the storm.....
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Canazei State of Mind! Happy;-)))
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And tomorrow REVERSE - Pisa Ready for the weekend!!
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Tonight M&M - Sinatra - Ferrara Can't wait!
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BASSA CLAN 01 sold out for the 2nd time in just one week on Decks! But don't worry we have few little more copies... Grab yours, dear vinyl lovers!!
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On my way to....MALAGA! Local29 tonight...Torremolinos tengo gana de fiestaaaaa!!
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Here we go:-))
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Here we go!
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Get lost in India....
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On the way to the festival....somewhere in India.....
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Can't wait for this wicked friday! Waters - GOA Yes please!!
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Magic GOA....
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Hello Bangalore!! TAO Terrace tonight..can't wait!!
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Last ride in Goa and last few moments in India... Was pure magic...thanx to all the fantastic people I met in this incredible adventure, first of all my bro Bahri Djiin to make everything possible! Bye India...see you next year for sure!!
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